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Concardi technology adapts to spaces. The distribution of a stay should not rotate around a device. Integrating the TV in a mirror, technology blends with the decor to create unique, balanced and versatile spaces.




Without limits


Each CONCARDI solution answers a specific need: wall mirrors TV, self-sustainable integration viable in furniture or special creations. So make sure to always give the solution that best fits your project.

All options are customizable: choose the size and design of the mirror finishes and placement of the screen and clear.


You design,

we created

We perform all kinds of custom designs. We work closely with professionals and clients to always find the ideal solution, integrating the mirror TV in a cabinet door.


The value of



The process is carried out in our workshops equipped with advanced technology that allows us to custom design and produce large amounts in a short time.



of Quality


We rely on technology companies to integrate their TV screens / HD smart, but if you want, including screens hospitality compatible with the integrated content management platforms.